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Welcome To My Happy Place! My Happy Place is a collection of crafts for kids focused on positivity, gratitude and mindfulness. Our curated collection of room décor, jewelry & craft projects comes ready to personalize, display and share.

Spread joy and happiness while being trendy and fashionable with Friendship Bracelets! Express how much you care for others by making handmade gifts, that you can share and wear.

With Friendship Bracelets, you will learn 4 beautiful braid techniques: basic, beaded, rope and scrunchy. There is enough embroidery floss included to make and share up to 20 colorful bracelets with your closest friends and family members. Illustrated instructions and video tutorial make it easy for beginners to follow.

Use the unique rainbow tool to create your bracelets and later, use it to organize and display your creations in your room. Accessorize your bracelets with assorted beads, uplifting charms, decorative lockets and colorful clasps. Add special notes inside of the lockets and finish them off with decorative stickers.

When your bracelets are ready, write friendly messages in your kindness cards, add your bracelets and present your friendship gifts with a smile!

Fun Fact! The repetitive motion of creating braids and knots while making Friendship Bracelets, helps to ease your mind and allows you to focus on the task at hand, which results in relieving stress and anxiety. This feel-good, make-and-share jewelry craft helps to instill an attitude of gratitude and promotes inner happiness.

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