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Make 3 Sensory Fidget Toys! Fill the 3 neon sparkling keychains (popsicle, star and crystal ball) with mesmerizing fillers that make soothing sounds, have great textures and look cute  

DIY Sensory Fidget craft kit comes with resin, 3 silicone molds, 3 plastic covers, 4 colors of glitter, glue, beads & fillers, cherry charm, moon charm, crystal charm, 3 shaped keychains, measuring cup, stir sticks, jump rings, leaf findings, sand paper and illustrated instructions 

Make your own sensory shakers by simply placing resin, glitter and beads inside silicone, keychain molds! Have fun personalizing and then playing with and shaking your own fidget shakers! 

Engage your sense of touch, sound, and sight with these cute sensory fidget shakers! Sensory play is engaging and a fun way to build nerve connections in the brains pathways

Place colorful and sparkly fidget shakers on your backpack, lunch box, purse, pencil pouch or anywhere else with included keychains!

Screen-free activity is easy for kids and fun for the whole family! This engaging and entertaining DIY sensory fidget toy craft is a fun way to learn a new crafting technique 

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