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Ally loves to read, and she loves to spend time with her dog, Zak. But when her teacher asks her to list some of her other hobbies, she's stumped! Ally decides that it's time to try something new. With Zak at her side, she sets out to find a new hobby. She watches her classmates play basketball, use adapted devices to swim, and even make art in the park. But every time she thinks about joining them, Ally feels a nervous flutter in her chest.

You are Brave is a book for every kid who has ever thought, "What if I'm not brave enough?" It's about the courage we find within ourselves, and the wonderful possibilities that open up when we have the confidence to try something new.

Dr. Hana Alazem, author, grew up in the nation's capital where she also studied medicine and completed her pediatric residency and fellowship specializing in pediatric rehabilitation. She is currently a Pediatric Rehabilitation doctor at CHEO (a pediatric hospital and research centre in Ottawa), The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre and an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa. Her academic interests are in research in robotic technology, transition from pediatric to adult care, and establishing sustainable rehabilitation frameworks in Northern communities. This is her first children's book and drew inspiration from her wonderful patients, mentors and from her own life raising kids. She lives in Ottawa, Canada with her inhouse editor/husband Sam, and children Ava and Alex. She enjoys traveling, trying new foods and a good book!

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