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With its pastel, soft and versatile colors, this bag will catch the eyes of all your little dreamers. Its calm vibe makes you want to day dream between two bites of snack and imagine a fantastic story. Solid and high quality, it will stand up to all the ""It got stuck in the bus door"", ""I didn't do it on purpose, I fell in the mud"" and the famous ""thrown in the back of the locker"". You will be charmed by its texture, its vibrant colors and its original look. 

Coco Village is really proud of this collection of gender neutral, stylish and original backpacks that will capture the attention of slightly older kiddos (and even yours!). Practical, durable, robust and super functional, you will appreciate these little details that make all the difference and make life easier for parents.


The exterior is made of heavy cotton that has received a water repellent treatment.

The bottom, side pockets and flaps are made of polyurethane. With a waterproof 100% polyester lining on the inside, our bags are water resistant and above all, very easy to clean. Even a spaghetti lunch incident is solved in a snap!

Note that the exterior zipper is made of metal, so very strong and will save you a lot of hassle and blaspehmies, even after several months of use (not to say years). You will also find a clearly visible label behind the bag to identify your child. Our bags are beautiful and trendy, but also adapted to our kids reality and have a padded compartment for a tablet or laptop. Each bag comes with its own pencil case and is made with the same durable materials.

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