Calico Critters


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Father, Ben is the doctor in Calico Village and helps all the critters stay in tip-top shape. He is always smiling and friendly to every critter he meets. He loves taking pictures of his family and making photo albums. Mother, Nikki is a nurse in Calico Village and likes taking care of all the children and babies. She also likes decorating her home with lots of flowers and pictures of her family. Brother, Oliver writes the most beautiful poems. All the girls at school like hearing his lovely poems during writing class. He also likes to ice skate on the lake when it freezes in the winter. Sister, Rebecca likes writing fairy tales, especially about princesses. She secretly would like to become a princess herself one day. She also loves to dress up and dance at family parties.

  • These adorable and poseable Critters come with removable clothing.
  • Mix and match to collect with other Calico Critters environments, figures and accessories.
  • Parents are approximately 3" tall, brothers/sisters are approximately 2 ¼" tall.
  • For ages 3 and up.

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