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Baby doll, Augustin Little Artist - by COROLLE

Augustin Little Artist is the perfect large baby doll to care for, just like grown ups look after their babies. Measuring 36 cm, it is just the right size for a child's small arms to cuddle, nurture and mimic grown-up activities.

His face, his arms and his legs have a delicate vanilla scent and are in soft touch vinyl. His body is supple, so he can move easily, and even sits. His thumb can go in his mouth. With sleeping eyes, he goes to sleep when you lay him on his back. Dressed in a all-in-one outfit, composed of a striped T-shirt and dungarees with a real pocket, wearing a matching bucket hat on his head and a pair of shoes on his feet.

Augustin has at his disposal the complete mon grand poupon Corolle collection of clothes and accessories that gets children to start mimicking everyday life and make up multiple and diversified games.

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