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you’ve never seen a bubble float on water—or the joy on your child’s face when they see bubbles float—it’s time to try Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles! Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles is simply the best bubble solution there is, our bubbles are strong enough to stick to objects, and even float on water! Works perfectly with our Bubbles in Bubbles Blower or Crazy Ice Bubbles Blizzard Blower. Fun for the whole family and safe for kids of all ages, and makes hundreds of bubbles with just one dip!


Key Features: 
Bubbles that Float on Water
  • Unlock a world of excitement and make floating bubbles that are sure to spark wonder and imagination, and attract anyone’s attention.
  • The perfect addition to beach days, canoe trips, weekends at the lake or cottage, exploring down by the river, or on a fishing trip.
Special Bubble Solution
  • Our especially formulated bubble solution is thicker than normal bubbles, making stronger, longer-lasting bubbles that fly further.
  • Bubbles are strong enough to stick to trees, blades of grass—pretty much anything—and do the Yoobble Wobble!  
Kid-Friendly Toy
  • Built-in bubble wand for ease of use, non-toxic and safe for kids of all ages, providing peace of mind for parents while fostering safe and responsible outdoor play.
  • So easy to use, anyone can make a bubble extravaganza with just one breath.
Endless Outdoor Fun
  • Compact and portable design so you can take Crazy Yoobbles Bubbles with you on outdoor adventures, while hiking, exploring a new trail, or just hanging fun in the backyard

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