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Gears make things move! Join Ty and Karlie — the young engineers featured in the other Kids First early engineering kits — to build four awesome geared machines and learn all about how gears work. This introductory mechanical engineering kit for kids ages three and up features 61 durable, reusable, easy-to-handle pieces, ensuring long-lasting fun and exploration. 

Intro to Gears is a fun and engaging way to explore the many amazing things gears can do. With many big and small gears, kids can learn about gear ratios, gear trains, transmissions, power, and torque. The full-color, step-by-step manual explains to parents and adult supervisors how to build the models and how information can be presented to kids. 

By sharing simple engineering concepts with children, parents, teachers, and caregivers can lay the groundwork for strong STEM-related skills and comprehension at an early age. Model building helps develop fine motor skills, mechanical engineering skills, visual-spatial skills, and reasoning and concept development skills. The modular building pieces in this kit are compatible with other Thames & Kosmos Kids First early engineering kits so kids can use their imaginations to create and build whatever they dream up.

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