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Be creative. Be unique. Be colourful. Build your own PLAYMOBIL figure just as you like with the PLAYMOBIL My Figures: Rescue Mission set. Let your imagination run wild with more than 1000 possible figure combinations.
With the new My Figures from PLAYMOBIL, children can now create a PLAYMOBIL world entirely according to their ideas, unleash their creativity and develop their individual personalities in the process. In addition to a play scene with accessories, each My Figures playset contains a bag with six figures in individual parts, which can be reassembled again and again. Arms, legs, bodies and accessories can be swapped in an instant to create play figures that are as colourful as life itself. Thanks to the versatile combination options with over 1000 figure configurations, PLAYMOBIL My Figures encourage creativity, fine motor skills, a spirit of discovery and personality development in a very playful way. With My Figures, children can design their play world the way they see and experience it. The My Figures Rescue Mission playset invites you to exciting rescue missions in the children's room. Whether it's a house fire, a medical emergency or a traffic accident, the brave heroes of the PLAYMOBIL rescue team are always on the job and help where they can. Off on a play adventure! 

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Figures: 2 police officers, 2 fire fighters, 1 injured person, 2 medical staff; Accessories: 1 house, 1 hydrant, 1 water pump, 1 water syringe, 1 fire hose, 3 pylons, 1 doctor's case, 1 radio, 1 police trowel, 2 helmets, 1 police hat

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