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Create a symphony of sounds while playing in the water with the Lamaze Water Symphony! These eight colorful dolphins float merrily along in their inner tubes. Place each dolphin in the same color inner tube for color matching fun. Tap on their head to hear their dolphin sounds and help stimulate auditory development. These dolphins link together, make a straight line, or float separately. While learning how things go together as they play, your child will also be working on developing both fine and gross motor skills. Not just for baby’s bath time, this symphony of sounds is great for pool time fun too!

Lamaze Water Symphony - Toddler Bath Toy and Pool Toy
  • Bonding: Promotes close, nurturing interactions between baby and caregiver as you play together
  • Auditory: Tapping each dolphin’s head for a musical note engages attention and stimulates auditory development
  • Fine motor skills: Using finger and hand muscles helps support increasingly precise and coordinated movements
  • Color matching fun: Mix them up and then put each dolphin in its matching inner tube
  • Pool toy too: These singing dolphins aren’t just for bath time, they also love playing in the pool!

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