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There was a farmer who had a dog, and Zingo was his name-o?? ZINGO! Forget the old-fashioned bingo, and step into a whole new world of fun with the Zingo! Game from ThinkFun, a simpler version of that all-time favorite. With this game, each player gets a card, which they need to fill using the tiles that are spit out from the Zingo! Zinger! A cool machine, the Zingo! Zinger displays tiles, and the first player that yells the name of an item on the tile gets to place that tile on their playing card. As kids keep playing and unknown tiles fly, that player who completely fills up his or her card with tiles, must yell "Zingo!" to win the game! The game includes 8 double-sided cards that allow for two levels of play, 72 picture tiles, the Zingo! Zinger, and instructions. This is a great way to teach kids shape recognition and observation skills in a fast-paced game, all while having a zinger of a time! For 2-8 players.

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